MC Executors Finland

MC Executors Finland was established in 1997 in Tampere, the biggest inland city of the Nordic countries. Today the club is national, having main part of it’s activities in southern Finland. The club is an invitation only society, having about 150 members, open for men and women. We mainly drive with our couples and our parties easily collect 100 participants.


The founding principle of MC Executors Finland is to promote good and strong motorcycle culture in Finland and enhance the road safety. Thus all driving seasons start with a training day with practicing braking, sharp turns and being ready for sudden situations on the road - we all need good training session after winter! Main longer trip we do make in the summer to a European country. During holidays we have one trip “Only for men” and one “Only for women”. After holiday period we have our Main Event, when we normally visit a city council around Finland and give a donation to an organisation which support children or elderly people.

Local chapters arrange evening rides around cities during the summer months. The season we end as late as in end of November with our Christmas party where we initiate new members.

MC Executors Finland is a brand-independent club, whose members have custom bikes, street bikes, fast sport bikes - almost all different brands and sizes.

MC Executors Finland ry since 1997

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